Don’t Worry If You See Me Cry

I am grateful today to share a piece of my husband’s heart on this blog. The Lord gave me the greatest gift of my life when He allowed me to marry my best friend, and there is nothing I can add to the words he has written below to make them more clear than they are. I share his thoughts and feelings here, and I know so many others who walk this road of foster care and adoption can relate to the way we as parents are blessed by the love that others show our children. I hope his words (below) touch you as they have me.

If you catch me with a tear in my eye during these holiday times, don’t worry I’m doing just fine. In fact, I’m doing great. There are lots of things to be thankful for during Thanksgiving and Christmas time and during other events that bring people together, but there is nothing that touches me more this year than to see my friends and family enjoying my youngest children. The choice to foster/adopt was a choice that my wife and I decided mostly alone. We did talk a lot with our boys (who agreed with us) and we shared our decision with the rest of the family ahead of time, but we did not want our decision to be based on others’ opinions. It was the Spirit of Lord that softened our hearts toward fostering and it was the Lord who opened the door for adoption. For everyone else to agree to our decision or accept our two new kids as if they always were ours was our HOPE but not our expectation. So again, if you see a tear in my eye, it may be from seeing my brother bring in a updated family cross-stitch picture for my parents because they’ve jumped from six grandchildren to eight grandchildren with our adoption this year. It might be from seeing the laughter that comes from our children when their uncle throws them up in the air or when their aunt calls them over to play. It may be from watching their cousins cuddle them and shower them with love or seeing them excitedly greet their older adult cousins with eager hugs. It may even be from the way the grandparents shower them with gifts and love, just like they do for each of the others. It is just the way that I had hoped it would be, but it still amazes me. Thank you Dan/Kristin and kids, Vestina, Mom and Dad, Chris/Sarah and kids, Darrell and Sandy, and Grandma for demonstrating unconditional love to all. Bob and Jenny, Shirley, Keri, Marilyn and Delbert, Larry and Leah, and the list goes on and on and on – thank you to all of the many other family and friends who take the time to love on all five of our children. Thank you, Lord.



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